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Superior SIP Panels Are The Evolution Of UK Affordable Housing. proving a quick time

frame build system capable of providing eco-housing features to home builders in the

UK market.

What are SUPERIOR SIPs? Superior SIPs is a Structurally Insulated Panel, comprising of a sandwich panel of Composite Cement board, Expanded Polystyrene Insulation and Magnesium Oxide board. The panels are normally 2440mmx1220mm in size. Why does it take a faster time frame to build than other systems? Superior SIPs are large enough to be placed directly onto the site, these are then joined to each other to create a structure which enables the frame to be erected in a couple of days. The frame also comprises the roof panel system which is the same design as the roof system placed and joined onto the frame as soon as the frame is ready. This creates a far shorter time frame compared with conventional systems. What are the thermal heat absorption and retention properties within a Superior SIPs structure? When evaluating the insulating performance of a wall system, several factors should be considered. Most common among these is the U-Value. A U value is a measure of heat loss. It is expressed in W/m2k, and shows the amount of heat lost in watts (W) per square metre of material (for example wall, roof, floor etc.) when the temperature (k) outside is at least one degree lower. The lower the u value, the better the insulation provided by the material. Superior SIPs have a U-value of 0.11 which compared with traditional system of block with cavity insulation of 0.33. The U-value of Superior SIPs is much lower and therefore ensures a more energy efficient property than the traditional system. Are there problems with condensation and mould? This has been a problem with SIP structures in the past is is mainly due to bad practice and product. The correct system and build method should not allow moisture to enter the building, simply down to the fact that the cavity is filled with insulation and the envelope is fully sealed. Do Superior SIP Panels come with a warranty? Superior SIPs carries a 10 year CRL Warranty that covers any defects or structural problems. Once I order, what is the time frame for delivery? The time frame would start from the acceptance of the projects and plans. Once this has been done the product will be produced and delivered to site within 4- 6 weeks. Is building with Superior SIP panels  structurally safe? The product is 100% safe and structurally sound, The product has great stability, and is able to withstand comfortably a vertical compression load of strength of 90kNm, this strength is well in excess of a traditional two storey house. Are there any build restrictions? On its own the product can only be used to build up to 3 floors. However, when combined with other strengthening structures there will be minimal build restrictions. This is the case when utilising the product with commercial building or additional strengthening systems such as steel, timber and concrete frames. What type of foam insulation is used in Superior SIPs? Our standard panels have a core of Modified Expanded Polystyrene (EPS). EPS provides lower u values than other types of foam and does not contain chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), which are believed to damage the Earth’s ozone layer. The u value of our panels are extremely stable. In field testing over a number of decades EPS has been shown to retain virtually all of its original thermal and physical properties. EPS maintains a constant value in either hot or cold temperatures. Are SIPs a new product? The generic SIP structure is not new, it has been utilised since the 1950s throughout the USA. The product has been entering the UK over the past 10 years, although adoption is slow due to the traditional approach still heavily used throughout the UK. SIPs are starting to get recognition as a superior building system and have full certification by the UK government and housing building regulations. SIPs historically have mainly been used for eco-housing due to its energy saving properties and they achieve the highest sustainability and insulation rating levels. The large element SIP structure is a new product and it is far superior to the conventional smaller SIP structure.

How “green” and “eco friendly” are

Superior SIP panels?

The product is known as a green product mainly due to its insulation properties that create a lower dependence on heating and energy usage. By using Superior SIPs structure would that mean my house is fully eco? Not entirely. The property would be quite eco-friendly with energy saving through the insulation, but a full eco-property requires other measures such as heat exchangers, energy saving lighting, rainwater/grey water and design systems. The Company are able to carry out a full eco-analysis of the property and are able to provide a full service to create a 100% eco- property. What is the structural performance of Superior SIP panels? SIPs form a light and strong structure Excellent for in-plane loads SIPs buildings actually behave as thin shell structures, dispersing point loads throughout the entire surface area. There have been many tests and studies carried out. These include loading the panels with a uniformly distributed load, axial loads centrally and eccentrically placed, racking loads, long-term creep, fixing pullout and shear and bending loads on the panel joints. The strength of the our panels are far higher than traditional SIPs as there are no weak joints within the panel. These weaker joints in traditional systems need to be strengthened over load points. This is not the case with Superior SIPs. What is the Structural Strength Uniformly distributed load – Tests have shown that the panels have a very high ultimate bending strength. Deflection, calculated as described in the Design Guide, is the governing criterion in design. This increases user confidence knowing that safe working loads are well in excess of standard deflection limits. Axial load – Axial loading tests on panels 100m thick, 2.4m in height and 2.4m in width were seen to fail at a load of 440kN/m. Using a factor of safety of 2.0 it is seen that panels will comfortably support a vertical load of 90 kN/m. These loads are well in excess of the average foundation loading from a typical two storey house of traditional construction. Do sip panel structures have certification for building in the UK? SIP structures are fully certified by the UK governments, the British Board of Agreement (BBA), BRE, Structural Insulated Panel Associations (SIPA) and National House-Building Council (NHBC). Local Authority Building Control (LABC) must be issued for all new buildings and new build extension work using SIPs. Superior SIP panels are an approved partner of the LABC for use in UK projects. How much does it cost to build with Superior SIP Panels? This depends on the housing style, sector and of course size. The cost of Superior SIPs can be as low as £20 ft2, £215 m2. Most SIP companies in the UK are more expensive than traditional. With our system we are determined to provide the lowest cost SIP product in the UK. Why is it more energy efficient than traditional build methods? Its energy efficiency properties comes from the materials utilised within the product. The Composite Cement and MgO boards harmonise with the EPS insulation creating a fully filled cavity and sealed envelope. This ensures that heat is able to transfer and be created throughout the exterior walls, whilst ensuring the heat generated inside the property is not lost. The energy efficiency is so high in a SIP structure that energy and heating costs are kept very low. Are UK architects aware of this product? Most architects and structural engineers are aware of this product, although utilisation is relatively low in the UK. In fact we at Superior SIPs find that we are educating them as we progress with more projects. Any queries or enquiries from architects/engineers are welcomed as the better the knowledge of our product the more builders will utilise it.

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